Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's ok to be regular.

In most areas of life, I tend to prefer the unusual, the mysterious, the strange, the unique. But when it comes to that universal body function - shall we call it function number two? - normal, usual, regular is where it's at.

Healthy eliminitory function is a cornerstone of wellness, and yet surveys show that more than four million Americans deal with regular constipation. Ad campaigns make light of challenges in this area, and the sheer volume of people who manage constipation may lead you to believe that it is a normal and acceptable part of life, but irregular digestion and elimination is no laughing matter. Not only does it affect mood, comfort and energy levels, constipation allows toxins and old hormones to remain in the body to potentially be reabsorbed, and may contribute to many diseases.

So what is normal, anyway? If you are not visiting the bathroom daily, read on. And the product of your efforts should be large and well-formed. Dare we call it The Big Easy?

Even if you feel that things are A-okay in this area, you can still benefit from these tips; Even one day of constipation can present health challenges.

Eat a diet rich in fiber. Sweet Potato, Squash, Okra, and Avocado are some of the highly nutritious foods that support healthy digestion and help to reverse constipation.

Avoid eggs and doughy foods while constipated as these compound the problem. Minimize beef and chicken intake. Reach for fish instead!

Salads are actually troublesome if you are constipated. Try smoothies with at least 75% vegetable content instead.

Start each morning with several cups of warm tea while relaxing, and doing nothing but enjoying the moment. This will help stimulate peristalsis.

Ensure that you are maintaining a healthy balance of good bacteria. A protocol of high grade probiotics for 30 to 90 days helps establish this balance, and will encourage healthy elimination function and support the immune system.

Get your rest! Bowel formation takes place at night while we are sleeping.

Unfortunately you many need to find new time in your day to dedicate to reading. However, as many great figures in days gone by have professed, progress rarely comes without some sacrifice.

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