Monday, June 14, 2010

Raen's Hello

As this is the first official entry, an introduction sounds like a good place to start.

I have spent the last few years designing. Deconstructing, defragmenting and defining a life, and it seems I have successfully been involved in creating one. Just like that? In actuality, it was a messy practice, marbled with moments of doubt, impatience, fear. And plenty of good stuff, too, like making tough decisions, facing fears and acting on faith.

Life a few years ago was peppered with the need for change. Though at the time it was not clear what my life's work was to look like, I knew that my increasing success in the corporate world was not it. The move to make a change was slow, but eventually the move was made. The more my life evolves, the more the picture comes into focus.

Many of us become aware of times of personal evolution, and our paths are likely both similar and unique. There is one aspect that I believe is transmutable, and it is one that opened doors and paved pathways. And that is that by enhancing awareness and alignment through better nutrition and nourishment, I was able to simply come down into my body. I finally appreciate the term holistic on a personal level. The more I learned and applied the things I learned about how different foods affected my body, the clearer my understanding became in almost every other area. The fog lifted, so to speak. I felt good. This is something I think I can share. This is something I want to share.

So that is my point, my motivation for educating others about healthy eating and natural lifestyles: to empower individuals to achieve their goals, whatever they are. To implement desired life changes in realistic increments, and, most importantly, help people understand the why behind the changes. By finding balance and vitality, we establish a foundation of health on which to build ourselves.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! It needs thoughtful, moderate, centered, able people. Glad you're here.

  2. I love it! Thank you for sharing dear one. Check out my blog if you feel up for some affirmation :) ~ Love and Qi